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Treatment Options for TMJ Disorders

June 04, 2013 @ 02:04 PM -- by Dr. Jean Barthman

TMJ Disorder Treatment OptionsYou have likely heard the about TMJ disorders before, or perhaps the colloquial term "TMJ." Many people think it's just an annoying clicking or popping in the jaw, but in reality, it's a much more serious issue than that, and its causes are probably not what you'd expect.

Let's take a few moments right now to go over some of the basics regarding TMJ disorders. If after reading this blog post you should sense that you have a TMJ disorder, then it's important that you contact our Redwood City cosmetic dentistry office to schedule a consultation. Early care is better for your overall health in the long run.

What is a TMJ disorder?

The TMJ is the temporomandibular joint. This is the juncture where the mandible (lower jaw) meets a person's cranium. It is one of the most complex joints in the human body. A TMJ disorder refers to various problems with the movement and function of this joint. A cosmetic dentist in Redwood City can help with the diagnosis and treatment of these dental problems should they occur.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

The most common symptoms of TMJ disorders include:

  • Clicking of the jaw
  • Popping of the jaw
  • Jaw pain
  • A sensation of grinding or crunching in the jaw joint
  • Lockjaw
  • Headaches (sometimes neck pain and earaches occur as well)

Should you notice any of these, there are numerous general and restorative dentistry treatments than might be helpful in alleviating pain and improving jaw health.

Causes of TMJ Disorders

The most common cause of TMJ disorders is tooth grinding (bruxism). Tooth grinding occurs at night and happens when the teeth are unable to find a proper resting position. The jaw constantly clenches and shifts as a result. This is usually the result of poor tooth alignment and crooked teeth. Stress and anxiety can exacerbate this problem.

Other causes of TMJ disorders include arthritis, jaw injury, issues with cartilage in the jaw, and muscle problems in the jaw area.

Non-surgical Treatments for TMJ Disorders

If a patient suffers from bruxism and that causes a TMJ disorder, generally the best treatment will involve either a night guard (which prevents the teeth of the upper jaw and the teeth of the lower jaw from making contact) or orthodontic treatments (e.g., Invisalign). The night guard will relieve tension on the jaw joint while the orthodontic care will help prevent teeth grinding from occurring.

In cases of arthritis and TMJ disorders, sometimes the use of cortisone injections will prove helpful for the joint. Other alternative therapies can be considered as well.

Invasive Treatments for TMJ Disorders

If non-invasive treatments for TMJ disorders prove ineffective, then the best option for treatment is jaw surgery. Ideally we want to be as conservative as possible as this will yield the best results for patients in the long run.

Treating the Negative Effects of TMJ Disorders

Since TMJ disorders and bruxism are linked, there is the chance of tooth damage occurring as part of the condition. In such cases, dental crowns, inlays, onlays, and Redwood City dental implants will all be considered for potential treatment. We can discuss all of these in more detail during your visit.

Schedule a Consultation for TMJ Disorder Treatment

Undergoing TMJ disorder treatment may be just what you need. To learn more about all of your treatment options and what they entail, be sure to contact our Redwood City cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve excellent dental health and total wellness as well.