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Sensitivity After Dental Crown Placement

September 02, 2019 @ 03:55 PM -- by Dr. Jean Barthman
Tagged with: Dental Crowns

A tooth-colored dental crownMajor cavities and tooth decay cannot be treated with fillings. More substantial restorations are required. That’s where dental crowns may be your best option. These caps will protect damaged teeth from pain and further harm. That said, new crowns can cause some temporary tooth sensitivity.

Skilled Redwood City, CA dentist Dr. Jean E. Barthman would like to explore why discomfort is common after getting new crowns and discuss what can be done to manage this side effect. To understand why tooth sensitivity becomes an issue when crowns are placed, let’s first consider the dental crown procedure.

The Dental Crown Procedure

The seriously decayed or damaged tooth needs to be prepped. This involves removing all of the compromised enamel from the tooth and leaving only sturdy tooth structure intact. An impression is then taken from which the crown can be crafted.

The finished crown is placed atop the prepped tooth. This protects the tooth from further damage and restores the ability to bite and chew.

Why Tooth Sensitivity Happens

When tooth enamel is removed, it reveals more of the underlying dentin layer of a tooth. The dentin is porous, which means it is more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures as well as pressure. With the crown in place, it can take a while before the tooth becomes accustomed to the cap and for initial sensitivity to dissipate.

How Long Does Tooth Sensitivity Last?

Generally the initial tooth sensitivity after getting new dental crowns lasts for a few days, with minor sensitivity persisting for a week or so afterward until going away. The team at our Redwood City dental center can discuss the duration of sensitivity in more detail during your consultation.

Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to reduce tooth sensitivity in the initial days of treatment recovery.

Altering Your Diet to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

After getting dental crowns placed, it’s a good idea to eat primarily soft foods, such as yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, protein shakes, smoothies, and so forth. This limits the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth while having a meal. You should also avoid foods that are hot or cold in temperature as these can lead to sharp, pronounced moments of tooth sensitivity.

Patients can return to crunchy, hard, and tough foods when given the okay by their dentist. Even when this is approved, be sure to ease back into these food items until you feel comfortable.

Good Oral Hygiene with New Dental Crowns

Proper oral hygiene is important regardless of tooth sensitivity. Patients should continue to brush and floss regularly to avoid tooth decay. Use a toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth to reduce the discomfort you may experience during regular oral hygiene practices. Be sure to be gentle but thorough.

Attend Follow-Up Visits at the Practice

A few follow-up visits will be scheduled after a dental crown is placed to ensure that patients are recovering properly. Be sure to attend all of these follow up visits as scheduled.

You can also feel free to discuss treatment concerns any time they arise with our team. We’ll make sure any pressing issues get the attention that they deserve.

What If My Tooth Sensitivity Doesn’t Improve?

If you’ve had dental crowns in place for a week or two and have noticed no improvement in tooth sensitivity, that’s a pressing concern the should be brought to our attention. Be sure to alert us as soon as you notice anything that’s seemingly amiss.

Learn More About Restorative Dentistry

If you would like more information about dental crowns and how they can benefit you, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist. You can reach our Redwood City dental care center by phone at (650) 367-4967.