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Dr. BarthmanBeauty, Health and Comfort. These words best describe the office of Dr. Barthman. Because of her years of experience and education, she possesses the latest knowledge and techniques in restorative and cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve optimal results.

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Four Factors that Affect Dental Implant Cost

March 13, 2022 @ 08:09 AM -- by Dr. Jean Barthman
Tagged with: Dental Implants

3D rendering of dental implant and crownA dental implant consists of a post, an abutment or connector, and a dental restoration apparatus, such as a crown or a bridge. The entire system is surgically attached to your jawbone to restore the natural look and function of your missing teeth.

With an over 98% success rate, dental implants are a superior tooth replacement method for patients seeking a permanent solution for tooth loss. One factor that often concerns patients seeking restorative dental care is dental implant cost

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jean E. Barthman in Redwood City, CA, to discuss the ways implant-supported dentistry is worth the investment. Here are four key factors that may affect the total cost of your dental implant: 

1. Implant Material

Our practice uses titanium posts for your dental implants. The benefits of titanium implants are:

  • Biocompatibility. Titanium is hypoallergenic so even patients with metal sensitivities can receive implants. Titanium also has a high osseointegration success rate.
  • Strength. Titanium implants can withstand a large amount of pressure from biting and chewing, and they are highly resistant to fracture.
  • Longevity. With proper care, titanium implants will last for decades, even a lifetime.

Titanium implants are high quality and typically cost between $1000 and $1800 per implant. Some dentists also offer zirconia dental implants which are more expensive. 

2. Number of Teeth to Replace

Depending on how many of your teeth need to be replaced, the total cost of your restorations may vary. More implants mean a higher overall cost. 

An initial consultation with Dr. Barthman will allow her to assess your needs and recommend the type of implant that best suits your needs. She will also prepare you for the dental implant procedure and make sure you are comfortable and informed every step of the way.

3. Preparatory Procedures

While some of our Redwood City candidates need no additional dental work to prepare them for implants, other patients may need additional preoperative procedures to correct significant dental damage or low jawbone density.

Sinus lifts, bone grafts, and tooth extractions are common preparatory procedures that may be required before you can undergo dental implant surgery.

Without insurance, you can expect to pay the following:

  • Tooth extractions: $100–$300 per tooth
  • Bone grafts: $250–$3000
  • Sinus lifts: $1500–$5000

4. Restoration Cost

A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth, and a customized crown, bridge, or full denture set is used to replace the visible part of the tooth. Depending on the type of restoration the patient needs, the cost can run anywhere between $2,000 and $30,000 for their custom fabricated restorations.

Visit Us to Learn More About Implant Dentistry

Other factors that can impact the cost of your dental implant procedure include your geographical location and the experience level of your implant dentist. While the initial cost of dental implants can be overwhelming, the long-term benefits and success of the implants can make them a worthwhile investment. 

Dr. Jean Barthman is dedicated to providing the communities near Redwood City with high-quality dental care. To learn about implant-supported restorations, call our office at (650) 367-4967 or send us a message to schedule a consultation today.