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Alleviate TMJ Disorder with a Custom Mouth Guard

June 30, 2020 @ 03:28 PM -- by Dr. Jean Barthman
Tagged with: Tmj

Mouth guardTMJ disorder is a neuromuscular condition that affects the temporomandibular joint, or the joint that connects the skull to the jaw. The TMJ allows the mouth to open smoothly, so that people can eat, chew, talk, and yawn comfortably. When someone suffers from TMJ disorder, their jaw is improperly aligned. This can cause a number of uncomfortable side effects, including limited jaw movement, lock jaw, headaches, and clicking or popping when the jaw opens widely. 

Fortunately, Dr. Jean Barthman offers individuals in the Redwood City, CA, area effective TMJ treatments, including mouth guards. Mouth guards alleviate TMJ disorder symptoms so the jaw can function comfortably.

How Do Mouth Guards Help?

There are various techniques that may be used to treat TMJ disorder, but mouth guards, or splints, are nearly always part of the treatment plan. Over time, mouth guards alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder by addressing many of the most common causes of the condition. Mouth guards effectively address TMJ symptoms by:

  • Preventing the top and bottom teeth from touching, which prevents grinding and clenching
  • Holding the jaw in the correct position to align the bite
  • Preventing lockjaw
  • Helping the jaw and facial muscles to relax and ease tension
  • Alleviate pressure from the temporomandibular joint

How Long Do I Need to Wear a Mouth Guard?

Dr. Barthman customizes TMJ disorder treatment for each patient at our Redwood City practice, so it is not possible to say exactly how long a person will need to wear a mouth guard to effectively treat this condition. In some cases, Dr. Barthman starts off a patient’s treatment by having them wear a mouth guard 24 hours a day (except when eating), while in others they will only wear it at night. While the mouth guard is being used, the patient is likely to undergo additional treatments to realign the jaw.

As the position of the jaw is improved, patients can usually decrease the use of their splint, or mouth guard. However, to maintain proper jaw alignment and prevent a flare-up of TMJ disorder symptoms, most patients are advised to continue to wear their mouth guard each night while they sleep.

Can I Buy an Over-the-Counter Mouth Guard?

Custom mouth guards can be costly, so many of our Redwood City patients wonder if they can just buy an over-the-counter mouth guard. Over-the-counter mouth guards are primarily made to protect the teeth when a person is playing sports. Although they can assist in the prevention of grinding and clenching, they don’t do much to hold the jaw in place. Furthermore, over-the-counter mouth guards can be bulky, and would not be comfortable for prolonged use.

Custom mouth guards are made to specifically fit each patient’s mouth. These appliances take into account the size and shape of the teeth, and the position of the jaw. The splints provided by Dr. Barthman can even assist in repositioning the jaw to further alleviate TMJ disorder symptoms.

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If TMJ disorder symptoms are causing you discomfort or limiting your jaw movement, Dr. Bartman can create a treatment plan to restore comfort and range of motion. To learn more about our treatment options, call (650) 367-4967 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Barthman online at your earliest convenience.