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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Tooth Abscess?

May 21, 2022 @ 08:23 AM -- by Dr. Jean Barthman

woman holding her hand to her cheek in painA tooth abscess is a collection of pus that usually forms around the root of the tooth and is caused by a bacterial infection. Dentist Jean E. Barthman provides treatment for tooth abscesses to help reduce pain and restore oral health. 

Leaving a tooth abscess untreated can lead to tooth loss, or worse, the infection may spread throughout the body. Because of this, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of a tooth abscess. If you recognize these signs, contact our Redwood City, CA, dental practice to schedule a consultation.

Pimple-like Bump on the Gum

A tooth abscess can cause a pimple-like bump to form on the gum. Pus may ooze out when pressure is applied to the bump and leave a foul taste in the mouth.  

Throbbing Pain

Some people feel constant throbbing pain in the affected tooth. Sometimes the pain will spread to surrounding areas, including the jawbone, neck, or ear. 

Facial or Neck Swelling

A tooth abscess can cause swelling around the infection that may spread to the face, neck, or cheek. In some cases, swelling can be severe enough to impact swallowing. 

Pain When Eating 

It’s common for people with an abscess to feel pain or significant discomfort when eating. Pain is often a result of both the pressure of chewing as well as the exposure to hot and cold temperatures. 

Foul Smell or Taste

Tooth abscesses can cause a foul odor in the mouth. Some individuals may also experience a foul taste in their mouth if their abscess ruptures. 

Swollen Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes under the jaw and in the neck may become swollen or tender if the infection has become more severe. 


A fever may develop as the bacterial infection from an abscess spreads. It’s important not to ignore a fever when a tooth abscess is present especially when accompanied by swelling or difficulty swallowing, as this can indicate the spread of infection and requires immediate treatment. 

Treating Tooth Abscesses 

Tooth abscesses must be treated as soon as possible to prevent tooth loss and prevent the spread of the infection. Through treatment it’s also possible to find relief from the constant pain of a tooth abscess as well as eliminate the foul odor associated with abscesses. 

Our Redwood City patients seeking abscess treatment often benefit from treatments such as:

  • Abscess draining: Sometimes treatment requires draining the abscess by making a small incision in it. This helps remove the pus from the abscess. The abscessed area is then washed with a saline solution. If the abscess is significant, a small drainage tube may be placed in the incision to allow better drainage. 
  • Root canal therapy: Root canal therapy is a procedure in which the inside of the tooth is cleaned and infected pulp and other tissues within the tooth are removed. The tooth is often covered with a crown to restore dental strength and save the tooth from extraction.  
  • Tooth extraction: If the tooth is too damaged to save, it may need to be removed and the abscess drained. 
  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed to treat the infection and prevent it from spreading further. 

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