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Dr. BarthmanBeauty, Health and Comfort. These words best describe the office of Dr. Barthman. Because of her years of experience and education, she possesses the latest knowledge and techniques in restorative and cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve optimal results.

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Above all else, Dr. Barthman wants for you to have a beautiful, new smile. Prevention is the key to staying healthy and so we recommend the following tips to get you on your way:

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I Have a Bad Toothache That Won't Go Away: Should I See a Dentist?

February 15, 2024 @ 02:53 PM -- by Dr. Jean Barthman
Tagged with: General Dentistry

Older woman with a sore tooth while eating an ice cream bar

Don’t take pain for granted. A persistent ache in a tooth or your jaw may be the first sign of a major health issue. You need to see an experienced dentist in Redwood City, CA, as soon as possible.

Dr. Jean Barthman and her team would like to explore why a toothache needs to be taken seriously. We’ll also note potential treatments that can help alleviate your problem.

What a Toothache Could Indicate

Here are just a few issues of which dental pain may be a symptom.

Tooth Decay

A major cavity can be painful, especially if it has not been treated in its earliest stages. Untreated tooth decay increases the risk of more serious health issues.

A Fractured Tooth

If you have a tooth that’s been chipped, cracked, or otherwise structurally compromised, it can make eating, drinking hot or cold beverages, and other daily activities extremely painful.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they put pressure on the adjacent molars, the jawbone, and possibly the jaw joint.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease can cause many problems that affect the gums and teeth. Gum recession could make your teeth more sensitive and may also increase the risk of tooth decay closer to the tooth roots.

Root Canal Infection

When bacteria enter the internal structures of a tooth, it can cause a serious infection of the dental pulp. This is known as a root canal infection, which must be treated as soon as possible.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

When people grind their teeth at night, it can cause headaches, earaches, and sore teeth. Over time, the grinding can contribute to dental fractures, gum recession, and other problems.

Crooked Teeth

When your teeth are crooked, there may be unnecessary pressure placed on certain parts of your mouth. This can also contribute to cases of teeth grinding.

TMJ Disorder (TMD)

When the jaw doesn’t move properly, it can cause painful pops and clicks. This pain can radiate to your molars and other teeth.

Oral Cancer

A strange lesion or bump on the gums could cause or exacerbate the pain of a nearby tooth. This could be an early indication of oral cancer. As with any serious health condition, early detection and treatment is crucial.

What Treatments Might Be Used

To address the above issues, the team at our Redwood City dental office may consider some of the following procedures:

  • Dental Restorations - To treat cavities and structural problems, it’s common for dentists to use fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns.
  • Periodontal Treatment - Gingivitis and advanced periodontitis can be treated using the latest periodontal procedures.
  • Endodontic Therapy - Also known as a root canal, endodontics involves the removal of diseased dental pulp. This stops the spread of infection and toothaches.
  • Orthodontic Care - Orthodontics improves tooth alignment, which relieves pain and can prevent teeth grinding and TMJ disorders.
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Impacted wisdom teeth need to be taken out. This is a fairly routine oral surgery that many people undergo when they mature.

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